mayo 24, 2009


Pensando este día en muchas cosas
pequeñas, únicas, fabulosas
como flores: blancas, amarillas, azules y también las rojas
como diminutas catarinas o frágiles mariposas
tan perfectas, tan sutiles
pero innegablemente hermosas.

Dicen que en otro tiempo, en otro espacio
que hace siglos hubo doncellas,
y en otros lares hubo sirenas,
en los cuentos, princesas;
en todo lados, dicen los mitos, cuentos y leyendas,
en todos rangos, diosas, reinas o plebeyas,
pero siempre: Mujeres Bellas.

A veces humildes,
a veces altivas,
eventualmente serenas,
hermosamente tiernas.
Ellas se cuidan despiertas,
dormidas las cuidan las estrellas.

Quizá por eso existimos,
sí, para cuidarlas, admirarlas
para verlas, escucharlas, atenderlas
cortejarlas, abrazarlas, protegerlas,
tan solo...
... tan solo hacerlas contentas.

Para dejar testimonio
que en este tiempo, en este lugar,
no en mitos, cuentos o leyendas,
sino en historias verdaderas,
que sí existen personas inmortales,
perdurables, duraderas:
su recuerdo, sus sonrisas,
la ternura de sus caricias,
la forma que ondea su cabellera,
la gracia divina que llevan.

Un Domingo 24 de Mayo... y un Miércoles 3 de Junio, de 2009.

mayo 03, 2009

Advices for some future

In the last months I've spent several hours thinking during bus trips, and night times, about different ideas, most of them related to: work ways, corporate cultures, management, business, enterpreneurship, and one important one: emotional intelligence. Concepts, articles and some books have provided me new points of view that I consider, have arrived in a good time in my life, I expect more of them in the coming years. I am not an old person, but I always think of myself in future, perhaps trying to act now in the way that I would like to behave one or five or ten years later, trying to be mature.

I'm looking forward to start and finish one master degree before my thirties, I'm impatient. But for some reason, I think it has been good to wait for the right time. I am a person who likes to learn from different subjects, I might like: Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Customers, Automation, Research and Development, so it's difficult to make a final decision to do only one course, unless I want to do 3 or 5 courses. Lately I been making conclusions to Management related courses, and perhaps take some optional subjects related with IT (my Major). And perhaps, why not, take a second major some years later if I am still restless.

Some of my thoughts, that perhaps could work as advice to myself in future.

  • Emotional Intelligence. At school you learn new concepts, definitions, formulas, and develop technical and physical skills, these are some of the goals, BUT Emotional learning means much more than a simple Goal. Prepare future persons is what ALL of us do: Potential directors, employees, parents, members of a society, group members, decision makers. At this moment, I agree that Emotional aspects should be included not only as one subject (alone), but also part of the methodology aplied in the rest of the subjects, in all levels education.
  • How you present your idea is just as important as the idea itself (This could be related to the previous point).
  • Enterpreneurship should be added as a subject into studies plans in public schools.
  • Patience, is one of my "areas of opportunity". I still consider myself an striving person, but I don't like wasting time.
  • Listening, another "area of opportunity". If we want something, we have to offer first. Do we want to be heard by others?, then, we have to listen them first.
  • Time is one of the most valuable resources in world (if not the most). I hope that my "impatiente" helps me to fight against the lack of time.
  • Do not waste your time, nor the time of others. If people could really understand this two last points... it has so many applications and consequences:
    - tell the truth, so you do not have to correct a previous lie;
    - study hard once, and from the beggining, so you will not have to study again for remedial exams;
    - spend time of Quality, with your family, friends, you never know when sickness came or accidents can occur;
    - do not waste time at work, don't you want to see your family? don't you want to have your own time?.
    - it is not necessary to see one thing several times if it is not crucial or if there is no "hidden" learning (this is a personal point of view: why watching more than 3 consecutive times one movie?, or why reading the same paragraph more than 10 times? if you are not paying attention then do something else and then return).
  • Reading should be a commandment. And select the right books, magazines or articles should be as important as finding the right couple in life.
  • Put in the place of others, put in the other's shoes (it opens your mind).
  • Follow ethics, principles, moral behaviour at your workplace. If you can apply it to the corporate culture, much better. Offices were made to work, but not all the departments work in the same way, try to have fun, enjoy work time. Office tend to became the place where you spent lots of time, in special weeks, you can spend more time at work that with your family. Try to keep a balance. When time is a problem, managers should pay attention to "work loads", performances and time to talk with their people *in calm*.
  • Do not have fear to make mistakes or take some risks. But do think very well on them.
Well, just some ideas, perhaps these are not the top ones (high probabilities) and these are not "polished", but its a good start. Hope to put in practice my own advices.