junio 27, 2007

Travel broadens your mind

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7 months ago, I did not have idea I was going to travel beyond the sea... Maybe it was a gift from God to teach me new lessons. And now I have new opinions, new ideas in my mind, new memories to tell, new people to miss, new places to see in pictures.

Somewhere you can listen: "When the student is ready, the teacher appears"... Well, for me is true. You can find "new lessons" not only in your town, in your language, if you have your eyes, ears and mind opened, every moment is a new opportunity to grow, as a person, as a man, as a engineer, or whatever you want if you are determined and willing to do it.

I have high standards for myself. Even when I am not satisfied with my achieves or my status, I am really happy to have traveled to other country. Different language, different culture, and, at the bottom, more or less the same thoughts of life...

Well, China, I am not disappointed. I am very thankful.

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